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The Smithereens Rock the State Theater

I’m a little overdue in writing a post about rocking out to The Smithereens show at the State Theater in January.  I didn’t want to miss conjuring up the feeling of 1989 angsts all over again:   post college, first job, scary roommates, crappy boyfriend, ungrateful girlfriend.  The Smithereens’ music always filled in the gaps for me.  We nearly froze our butts off waiting for the State to open the doors, but we bum-rushed our way in from the cold and ended up with a great vantage point for the evening. The State is a great and affordable place to see a show and one of the perks about living in Falls Church. Plus, it's stumbling distance from the house.  

The Smithereens were fantastic as soon as they got on stage playing hit after hit from Yesterday Girl, Blood and Roses, A Girl Like You and Only a Memory.   Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms was taking his turn at lead vocals for the evening.    On tour, they switch off vocal duties with Robin and Marshall Crenshaw since Pat DiNizio, passed away in 2017.  I also can’t forget to mention how much I love the great guitar chops of Jim Babjak (I told him so).  I am so grateful they continue to tour.

Some people don’t come to shows to rock out (like the lady who was sitting next to me), but I seem to turn into a different person as soon as the music starts. I don’t waste a second dancing and singing in full voice and as close to the front as I can get.  Rock on!!  

After the show, they were gracious, friendly and approachable to sign rock swag, CDs and vintage vinyl.  Speaking of vinyl, I was in line behind a kid who was waiting to meet the band and have them sign a rare vinyl compilation album. I thought he was much older, but as we chatted, he told me he was only 23.  I thought it was so refreshing to know someone so young was listening to this music.  That’s a band with some real staying power! 

The Smithereens always felt like home to me. Like I’m still cruising around my ’86 Ford Escort with 11 blaring out the windows through the streets of old Arlington, dated, rusty and imperfect, just like it used to be, but alas it’s…Only a Memory…

Check out The Smithereens signing some swag for us and scenes from a great rock show.  

Rock On GenXers!


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