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In Lush Green - A Tribute to My Dad

Updated: Apr 8

I am reposting my old blog posts from my 2 from the Heart site; no one read them anyway. Arlington is absolutely beautiful in the Spring.  The old growth greenery of the trees sets a backdrop for the azaleas and Dogwood blooms to come out with dazzling beauty.  Even with the urbanization, the parks are still to this day are some my favorite places. This must have been why my dad thought it would be a better spot to learn to ride a bike……


Enveloped in lush green, the white and pink Dogwood blooms stretch up to the wet and mossy granite rocks on the side of the ridge. Below, the sun peeks through the blooms and down to the black asphalt path to illuminate the red, fuchsia and purple azalea that line the pathway. The birds chirp in chatty dialects. They know that Spring has unfolded its bounty and it is time for new beginnings.


She steadied the little blue bike with both feet firmly on the ground as she knew the training wheels were never coming back. Her white sneakers scuffed and stained count the previous tries to get up and stay up on the bike. All efforts were in vain until her father brought her to this lovely spot where she had never been before, like the path on the way to Oz. She knew he had her back and he was not going to let go of that banana seat for anything. “I’ve got you, see?”


The white sneakers again up on the pedals, still steady, still straight, start in rotation. A little trepidation, but not to worry, “I’ve got you remember; right behind you.” Faster she pedals, still straight, whoa, faster and faster she goes. And as the cool Spring air hits her face and whips back her ginger locks, she peeks over her shoulder and she sees him, tiny, as he stands back with the azalea and the dogwood and the sunlight shapes that surround him. Has the Wizard given her courage? Indeed, he did, enveloped in lush green.

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