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Hello and Welcome!

Won’t You Join Together with the Band?

Since 2015, my better half and I have performed together as an acoustic duo called 2 from the Heart, in and around the Washington D.C. area. Over the past few months, we have transformed our brand, to a fresher look and feel more in line with our music and changed our name to (drum roll please…) The Locktenders.

While we are still performing and playing music, I wanted to go a step further and develop something with ongoing discussions, such as music, good singing and the unending push for a more creative life.

Also, in addition to performing original music, we artfully pay tribute to those artists whose music created the soundtrack of our lives. But, to be honest, we may surprise you with a little Etta or Ella every now and then.

So, thank you tuning in. We hope you like the new look and that you'll give us a chance and stick around. If you sign up for our monthly newsletter, we promise to make it worth your while.

So Let's Rock!!


Tina & Kent Franklin

PS. Locktender? What is that? The name pays homage to the men and their families who were skilled at raising and lowering the locks on our nation’s canals. Whether it was day and night, weekends or holidays, the Locktender was always there to greet the boat captain for safe passage. What a little-known piece of Americana!

Here is a bit more info from our local lock on the C&O Canal through Georgetown:

Check out the new logo..

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